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Let’s celebrate life every day.

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It is important to celebrate life each day. Let’s find moments in each day and acknowledge them and celebrate them. None of us have the time or possibly even the desire to celebrate life all day and every day. That feels a bit false. But all of us have the time and energy to find at least one beautiful moment out of our lives each day and celebrate it. The beautiful rose you just walked by. That laugh you just shared with your best friend. The run you just finished- running through the forest with the sun on your face.

We can all find at least one and if you can- find more. Grab on to a hundred joyous moments in a day- whatever works best for you. But please do really acknowledge that moment. A mini-celebration of those special moments and at the same time you are creating memories that last forever.

When you do this you are saying to yourself- I’ve just had this magical moment. I exist. I am here. I am alive!

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