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Stop waiting for your life to come to you. Go and get it!

Stop waiting for your life to arrive. Stop waiting for it to be Friday or for it to be summer or even for the lockdown to be finished. Life is happening all around you- go and get it. Create the life you want.

There isn’t a magic wand and the right partner may not show up at your door and the perfect job may not be offered to you out of the blue. We have to work for things. And making changes can often hurt. Letting go of the old to welcome in the new.

Many if not all of my clients have said that lockdown has forced them (given them time) to reflect on what is not working in their lives. Some clients have said they’ve realised they really don’t like where they have been living and so are in the process of selling and moving. Many clients have said this has made them realise that they aren’t in a healthy relationship and they need to change that. The one that I’ve heard the most is how many people really don’t like their jobs and don’t want to go back to that office or work with those people. No magic wand. Just you doing what you need to do for you. Get started now and by mid-summer you could be well on your way. Take care everyone and big hugs.

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