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Its ok not to be ok.

None of us are perfect and we never will be. We are going to get anxious, stressed, upset, depressed – all of it. Life is going to happen and it’s going to continue to happen and sometimes it’s going to be too much happening at once. We don’t have to project this perfect image to the world because frankly – life isn’t perfect.

We have Christmas coming up soon. Add that additional stress to having to manage with Covid – 19 and lockdown and tiers and not knowing what will happen next? It’s a lot!

Do what you can to manage this. Meditation, mindfulness, country walks, talking to a good friend. Whatever it is that helps you keep balance then do what you need to. If you still need more help then talk to a professional. Don’t stay in a state of suffering when you don’t need to.

There are times when you aren’t going to be ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Be kind to yourself.

Clients have been saying to me that they are embarrassed that they can’t cope with the stress. They have high levels of anxiety that has in some cases become depression. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

We are all different and we all have different levels of what we can cope with. Do the best you can to take care of yourself. Especially with Christmas coming soon.

I’ve been hearing people say that they are dreading Christmas. I’m racking my brain to see what I can do to help with this. I have more than enough love for Christmas to go around to many others.

I will be Santas little helper, helping where I can. But you can do what you can too and begin with making sure you, yourself, are ok.

Remember, don’t try to be perfect. It just won’t work.

Its ok not to be ok - Jodechi Morton CBT and Life Coaching