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New Years Resolutions don’t work!


But well planned daily, weekly and monthly goals do work. I set out to prove that new years resolutions don’t work. I did an active survey this month of January. I had 45 people that I worked with this month on “testing” their commitment to their new year’s resolutions that they set end of last year for this new year of 2020. The survey was about successfully continuing new years resolutions past the one month mark and they really tried but not one of the 45 people surveyed made it the entire month.

I had another group of people “a test group” that from 1st January have been setting daily and weekly “live-able” goals. Most of these people have succeeded and continue working towards achieving these goals.

What do to- make a list of things you want to change about your life and underneath each item on the list write down things you can start to do to make this goal happen. Write down an action plan. Make sure it’s a realistic goal- you don’t want to set yourself up to fail. That’s never good for the self-esteem.

Get started. Start with one thing or if it suits your personality take on many goals at once. We are all different. I have three goals that I’m working on achieving right now. I work on each of these every day- to some degree. Good luck.

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