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My Merry Christmas message to you.

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My Christmas message is to say well done. You’ve worked hard this year. Faced those challenges. Made those changes. Worked very hard on your self-development. I’m very proud of you and hope you are very proud of yourself.

During these Christmas celebrations remember to celebrate yourself too. Remember to live in some of those moments. Embrace those moments. If you think of something that you don’t like about yourself or your life then write it down and we will work on it in the New Year. We all have things we want to change about ourselves. It makes life even more exciting.

Was 2018 a challenging year for you?

So many people have told me that 2018 was tough. A really challenging year. But you made it. You are almost there at the end of it. You did your very best and guess what, your best WAS good enough!

Have a wonderful Christmas all of you lovely people. A very merry and happy Christmas. I will see you again before this year is out and we will start to prepare for a fantastic and life-affirming 2019.

Merry Christmas,

Merry Christmas - Jodechi Morton CBT and Life Coaching

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