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Mindfulness for your peace of mind.

We have run out of excuses. It’s time. I’ve been both practicing and also teaching mindfulness to clients for the past 15 years. It works. It’s easy. It’s free. No more excuses. This exercise practiced daily will change your life for the better. The benefits are huge.

Mindfulness for your peace of mind

I do 20 minutes a day, each day. Usually, just before I go to sleep so I can offload any stresses of the day and let go of any unpleasantness that I don’t want to carry into my sleep or into the next day.

It’s as easy as doing 25 deep breaths, right down into your tummy. You want to breathe in slowly through your nose and pull that breath all the way down until your tummy expands. Once there, exhale and release any of the day’s stressors. Anything that has you worried. Google it to get more of an idea about the deep breathing that you want to get used to doing. Then those deep breaths take you into a place of peace and calm- this is when you problem solve. Look at anything that “has you”. Work on releasing it and letting it go. Then you come out of that with another 25 deep breaths.

I’ve seen miracles happen just from doing mindfulness. It works. Try it. Stick with it. And reap the benefits!

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