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It’s a day for hugging.

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Hugs. Lets never under-estimate the value of a hug. In giving one we get one in return. That in itself is great. But also hugs are powerful. Very powerful. I’ve seen a simple hug heal many situations.

Have a think about who in your life might be in need of a hug. And really think about this because we all know someone that you wouldn’t normally give a hug too but let’s live dangerously and give them one anyway.

But also get out there and hug your loved ones. Yes, your husband who you are currently annoyed with because he didn’t do the washing up last night. Or your teenager that stayed on her phone until 3:00 am and was too tired to get up for school today. Or your best friend who hasn’t found time to meet up, lately.

Hug it out!

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The value of a hug - Jodechi Morton CBT and Life Coaching