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Grab joy and hold on tight for as long as you can!

Grab joy and hold on tight

Joy is a beautiful thing but it can be very fleeting and hard to come by, that’s why I say it’s important to grab joy and hold on tight.

Enjoy it immensely when it shows up in your life because I don’t think that any of us can experience joy all day, every day – what a wonderful thing if we could!

But how would we recognise joy if we always had it? Don’t we need non-joy to appreciate those joyous moments?

Every now and again joy just appears

We are all so busy, living our lives, racing from A to B each day, going to work, running the household, That’s life and we get on with it. We wake up, hit the ground running and do all that we need to do in each day. But every now and again joy just appears.

I don’t go looking for joy. It comes and finds me. It sneaks up on me in a warm and wonderful way.

I’ve learned that when joy shows up I am going to embrace it and let it wash all over me.

And my message today is when joy shows up for you just immerse yourself in it. Enjoy it. Recognise it. Acknowledge it. That may just allow even more joy to come your way. Who knows, but it can’t hurt!

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Grab joy and hold on tight - Jodechi Morton CBT and Life Coaching