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Work life balance is important for your happiness.

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Your work/career is just one area of your life that needs your attention. Other areas that need equal attention are your health, your relationships with friends and family and your own relationship with yourself. Work-life balance is important for your happiness.

Sit down and take some quiet time with yourself and look at these different areas of your life. Which areas aren’t as healthy as they could be? What can you do to improve these? Develop an action plan on how to improve the work-life balance in these areas.

Often clients come to me and they have a job and they don’t love that job but it pays the bills. They stay with it but because they haven’t developed the other areas of their lives this job feels especially painful to them. Because things are out of balance.

We begin to improve the balance of their lives. They then have healthier relationships with self and others. They become healthier both mentally and physically. This is then added to their life balance and soon that same job is less painful because the rest of their lives have become fuller – more interesting and fun.

Each one of us is a work in progress and none of us has it right all the time. Let’s keep working to make our lives healthier and happier. There are things that we can do daily to improve on how things are now. We just need to get started.

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