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Find joy and peace in whatever your life currently looks like.

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Sometimes we have to let go of what we thought it would be like and find peace in what it currently is like. With this pandemic, the virus and so many awful things happening around the world we have to find a way to live each day of our lives with some sense of peace and some joy. Whatever that means for you then please do it. So much of this is out of our control- when we can leave the house, where we can eat, where we can go to work- so much we don’t have a say about BUT there are things where we do have a say and that is in our daily life and how we decide to make each day unfold.

This pandemic has been going on for months now and the world has been hit hard. What will the world be like when this is all over? None of us know the answer to that question. I’ve asked clients to make a to-do list of things that they will be doing when lockdown is over and we are free to roam again. I have a long list and at the top of the list is see my friends and give them all a big hug. And then take my Canadian canoe to the sea and canoe for hours and hours. Eat at my favorite restaurants. Walk on my favorite beach. All of these things are on my after lockdown list. In the meantime- I’m going to do what I can each day that brings me peace and joy. Each of these days are a day from our lives. It’s important to do what we can to live them.

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