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Count Your Blessings – Gratitude brings Joy

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We all do it. We forget what’s good in our lives and we focus on what’s not working- the worries, the stress. There are always things that aren’t working and that is what occupies most of our headspace. We need to take a break, take a little holiday from those negative thoughts. Take some quiet time each day for yourself to just sit and count your blessings. Focusing on what’s good in your life. The joy of your life. There is usually a lot more than you know.

Write down what’s good in your life

Get a piece of paper and pen, or grab your phone and start writing down all that is good in your life. Everything from the birds are singing, to the incredible gift of being alive, your good health, your partnership, children, friends, job, a wonderful holiday you’ve been on, the smell of freshly cut grass (love that) walking on the crunchy autumn leaves (happening right now) – take note of all of it. Fill the pages. Feel the feeling that you have as you are doing this.


Smile at those memories that come up as you think of that person or somewhere you’ve been or a special moment in time. Something you are looking forward to. Take the time to feel it, remember it, count it and enjoy it. Have that attitude of gratitude. Embrace those lovely feelings. The negative thoughts will be there when you get back. But here’s another thought- the more time you spend focusing on all that’s good in your life, the less time you will be focusing on the negative. Two thoughts cannot co-exist within your mind at the same time. Think about that. Pun intended. What a very useful tool this is!

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