When I first met with Jodechi I was in a very low state. A stressful job alongside some family challenges had left me low on energy and confidence. Jodechi helped me unpick these challenges, creating better context and rationalising the negative state that I had got to. I found her both caring and supportive, and the energy that she gave to our sessions together was a real tonic to me. I am happy to say that I am now in a far better place and will be forever grateful for the support that Jodechi gave me. Thank you.

Chris - England

It’s difficult to explain where I was in my life and head when I first met Jodechi, I was recommended to see her by a lady I had a lot of respect for and yet put off calling her because helping myself still felt like the last thing on my list of things to do! Always putting everyone first was one of my most important mistakes back then! The first few weeks were tough when I delved deeper into some of the things that were making my outwardly looking wonderful life feel so tough. Jodechi is professional, kind, gentle and honest and I always felt completely safe with her. Now I can’t imagine how my life would have been without the guidance and support from having a life coach like Jodechi. We clicked instantly and there is something wonderful and calming about her.It was the best decision I ever made to invest this time into myself and my future and feel truly lucky to have crossed paths with her.

Rebecca - Surrey, England

Jodechi was recommended to me and working with her has helped me immensely. My father had recently died and I was trying to cope with a young family and a challenging job. I felt I needed to reassess my priorities and have a better idea of where I was heading and Jodechi helped me achieve all this and more. Her understanding, insightfulness and ability to challenge me helped me identify the things I wanted to change and to take action. She supported me through a particularly difficult work situation and helped me have the confidence to achieve an outcome that I would not have thought possible. Working with her was invaluable and I would not be on the path I am today if it hadn’t been for her guidance. I am eternally grateful for everything she enabled me to deal with and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jane C - Surrey, England

My transformation began during my first session with Jodechi. I came away from that first session knowing very clearly the changes I needed to make in every area of my life, and I went away and did every one of those things. This past year I have gone through court and fought all the way to reclaim my home, I am on the verge of receiving an out of court settlement for monies owed to me, I found a job, and within six months I received a pay rise equivalent to a third of my salary, I have brought in business at a level I have never managed to do before.

Sarah - London, England

I greatly enjoyed working with Jodechi and am immensely grateful for her help. She gave me an opportunity to talk, think and work out what I felt about a series of events that had occurred in my life. When I worked with her I was in a desperate state but few would have known. I was suffering at my core and was deeply unhappy. What’s more, it was affecting my business and income. I knew that it was due to my mental state and that I needed help from a professional. The first few sessions with Jodechi were exhausting as I shed a lot of tears but I have to say that it was very healing. I will always remember her saying, “Jane you’re so close. Although you see yourself trapped in a cage the door is actually unlocked. All you have to do is open it and walk out.” Jodechi made me feel safe to do this. By working with Jodechi I was able to free my mind. Together we revisited those past events and rewrote the untrue stories that I’d unknowingly created. She led me to my own conclusions – never putting false ideas into my head or speculating groundlessly. She made insightful observations which assisted me in making the necessary connections. Through her work I’ve been able to transform into a person I’m proud of being and am happy once again.”

Jane - Surrey, England

During the time I have been working with Jodechi I have been through all of the “major life changes” – the end of a long term relationship, moving house (twice) and losing my father. Both the ending of my relationship and the loss of my father brought up many issues for me. I have come through all of this and I am a happier and stronger person as a result and I give full credit to Jodechi for her unique gifts and her amazing coaching abilities for getting me to where I am now.

Julia - London, England

Jodechi, I wanted to drop you a note and thank you very much for all your hard work and for all the help you gave me. I am going ahead with the big plan we spoke about and I wouldn’t have had the guts to do this without your coaching. You have given me a new lease on life and I feel that I can finally live my life to the full and focus on what is important. In fact, you saved my life as I had really hit rock bottom when I first came to see you. Words can’t express what you have done for me. You are an amazing and beautiful soul and I wish you every success on your path as you really deserve it. Thanks.

David - London, England

Jodechi- thank you for being my incredible guide and coach. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. The shift in myself, my growth has been monumental. I know that there is still a ways to go and it is a real comfort knowing that you’ve still got my back. Thank you for your support.

Sally - Seattle, USA

Just wanted to say thank you because I’m progressing and finding out more about myself than I ever could have done on my own. You’ve helped me tremendously, and it’s not over yet. I think it’s amazing what you do. I also find it amazing that you remember so much about what we’ve talked about – anything from early conversations or little snippits I have said, I don’t know how you do that. It really makes the biggest difference.

Sarah - London, England

Jodechi has helped me transform my life beyond all recognition. She has helped me believe in myself and to realise all of my dreams. I never dreamed this life was possible for me.

Melissa - New York, USA

A friend recommended Jodechi to me for the CBT. I had tried to find someone here in Seattle to work with but I couldn’t find anyone that was “a good fit.” So I took my friends advice and contracted Jodechi. I’m glad I did. She’s Canadian so she has that “North American” thing going on. She’s what I call a character- larger than life. She makes my laugh when I am taking myself too seriously but at the same time keeps pushing me to work hard. She has helped me in so many ways. Its interesting because she lets me come up with the answers instead of just giving them to me. That can be frustrating but I understand why she does it. This is for me and about me and I need to learn this stuff. Glad I met you girl!

Lucy - Seattle, USA

Jodechi saved my marriage. Her down to earth approach to both my husband and myself and her refusal to take sides and her genuine desire to see our marriage survive- these are the reasons. My husband and I now have a “toolbox” that we will continue to use whenever we get stuck somewhere that we don’t want to be. Whenever I think of Jodechi, I smile. She has helped me, and us, beyond words. Thank you so much.

Joanne - London, England

Jodechi was recommended to us by a good friend. My husband and I were well into our divorce by the time we met Jodechi. We needed her to teach us to listen to each other again and try to get rid of some of the anger and hate. We knew we no longer wanted to be together but we have children together and so we will always be in each others lives. We needed to find a new way to relate to each other and we did, with Jodechi’s help. In one session we were even laughing together and that hasn’t happened in years. As couples, we all get knocked about by life- some get through it together and some don’t. We didn’t but that’s ok because we now have clear goals, guidelines and boundaries for the future and we both feel so much better. Hard to believe but its true. Thanks Jodechi.

Linda - London, England

A lesbian friend of mine recommended Jodechi to me as Jodechi has experience in coaching gay and lesbian couples and that is why I went to see her, first by myself and then with my partner. We had previously worked with a coach in London but this woman had no understanding of gay relationships and it was obvious and frustrating for us. A waste of money really. But Jodechi does understand and because of this she has helped us clear things in our relationship- resentments that we both have been holding on to and she has us communicating with each other in a much healthier way. Jodechi’s “if you don’t communicate in a healthy way you lose your audience” made a lot of sense to us and has worked. We only needed to see Jodechi a few times and we were back on track in a good supportive relationship. I’m so glad I made that call.

Mary - London, England

My marriage was in trouble. The biggest problem was he (my husband) wanted too much sex and I didn’t want enough (according to him) but this was affecting every part of our relationship. Huge resentment both sides and no communication at all. Then we met Jodechi and she introduced us to her “couples contract”. Needless to say- it worked. We sat together and thoroughly discussed what my husband and I both want and need from each other and then put in writing what we had agreed on and because we put it in writing (and signed it) we both knew we had to do our best to stick to it. It has really worked. Turns out it wasn’t about the sex after all and things are much better now.

Sarah - Surrey, England

Jodechi asked me “what is the good of knowing all this information and not putting it to use”? And I kept asking how? Every time I asked how- she had an answer. A simple exercise to put into practice the things that I know that will help me have a happier, healthier more positive future. We used the CBT and worked on letting go of my baggage- my past hurts, disappointments, pain, suffering, doubts and fear. I left feeling so much lighter. Then, after the clearing work was done, I went back for Jodechi’s help to move forward into my beautiful new life. I can highly recommend Jodechi as a coach.

Tammy - New York, USA

My sessions with Jodechi have been life-changing and life-enhancing. We began with the CBT and finished with the life coaching and both of these enabled me to see where I was blocking myself and I was able to recognize the pain inducing habits I was holding. With great compassion and humour, Jodechi guided me through the process of releasing these deep emotional issues and has since taught me how to manifest all things.

Carole - Surrey, England

I can’t begin to put into words the changes that have occurred in my life that have transformed my self worth and my self belief. Jodechi has enabled me to look inside myself and work out my strengths and deal with my weaknesses. Getting my self esteem back has been a work in progress. I believe it is Jodechi’s unique way of doing things and using all of who she is that has helped me so much. I know we did CBT and I know we did coaching but there were also so many things that I feel are uniquely Jodechi. She has an intuition about things which is truly extraordinary. At last I can see who I am and the direction I need to go in order to fulfil the endless possibilities that I have to choose from.

Natalie - New York, USA

Jodechi- a massive thanks for all of your help over these past months. This CBT really works. Life is the same but I am not and that has made all the difference. Keep up the good work. You are a star.

Neil - London, England

These last three years have been long and difficult for me, as I have suffered from severe depression, high blood pressure and personal difficulties. Jodechi has helped me by using her skills and her deep understanding of trauma and people’s illnesses. I was in total despair and had no respect for my life. Jodechi is truly gifted and the impact of my counselling and CBT sessions have meant that I am now living a happy whole life in the true sense now. My body and soul are healing and I cannot thank her enough for her strength, wisdom, encouragement all of which have enabled me to appreciate the gift of life once again.

Laura - Surrey, England

After a few unsuccessful sessions with a counselor and one psychotherapist in London, I decided to give CBT therapy a go after a friend recommended Jodechi. As I guy, I found counseling immensely frustrating and soul-destroying, like talking to parrot that was repeating stuff back to me I had just said. I’ve found CBT refreshingly different – identifying where I have made mistakes at work or assumed the worse from the CEO’s comments. In short, I’ve been able to apply the tools I have learned from CBT and made immediate changes in my workplace and even finding a new way to communicate with my wife. Although I’m sure not ‘cured’ it is certainly a good start and looking forward to another session with Jodechi.

Tom - London, England

I used to have severe panic attacks where I was terrified to leave home because I thought I would panic and something terrible would happen to me. This affected my relationships with my wife and my friends. It was so bad that I could no longer go to work on the train or drive my car. I was a prisoner. Jodechi helped me with this by using cognitive behavioural therapy. The deep breathing technique is what I use now to calm myself when I feel uncomfortable. She is amazing.

Mark - London, England

Two of my four children have benefited from Jodechi’s help. It is wonderful that she comes to our home to help my boys. They get to stay at home where they feel the safest and I appreciate this as I have a very busy schedule and its made so much easier that Jodechi comes to us. One of my sons was bullied at school for quite a period of time before I was aware – although I had noticed a change in his emotional behaviour – rarely the happy, helpful, kind boy anymore – just a confused, sad little boy having nightly nightmares. After 2-3 visits the sad boy started to disappear and now 4 months later we have our confident, happy little boy back, with a good night’s sleep! You will not be disappointed. Jodechi is fabulous!

Nicola - Surrey, England

A friend brought us in contact with Jodechi, after we told her about our son’s exam fear and also his fear of failure. Within 2 days after Jodechi visited us, with her open and welcoming character, she was able to help our son to cope with his fears through talking and healing. He came to me before our first visit and said: “Mum, I do not know if there is anybody who can help me”. After our visit he felt more confident and concluded that there was somebody who had helped him…….Jodechi. Two more sessions followed and our son managed to sit all 3 exams and we are eagerly awaiting the results.

Lisa - Surrey, England

I found myself in a very bad place as a child and again 8 months ago when my dad passed away. I am 19 and thought nobody could help me, I couldn’t have been more wrong. As soon as Jodechi starts talking you already feel better, she opened me up like a book and could read me instantly. I have been to many places in the past where I didn’t feel any connection or comfort, but Jodechi has completely changed my life. I have gone from being a nervous wreck to an ambitious young lady ready to start a positive future. I have overcome many challenges throughout my time with her, I would never have dreamt of driving on the motorway or using public transport all due to my anxiety, but within the last few weeks I have been up to London, used the transport, flown to Paris and up the Eiffel tower and used the motorway a lot. She has a lovely aura and a lovely perspective on life. Her smile is contagious and I guarantee she can help with any issue you may have. Thank you Jodechi 🙂 “

Anna - Surrey, England

Jodechi has really helped my teenage daughter by using coaching and CBT. One of the best things that has come out of this is that my daughter has a much clearer understanding of why she reacts to things in a certain way and what she can do to change this in her future. She says she feels more in control now. And she is able to accept responsibility for her actions and reactions. And she enjoys the talks and having someone that will listen to her and not judge. She is really enjoying these sessions.

Nicky - Surrey, England

The effect of seeing Jodechi with my children could be compared to having a ‘Supernanny’ to stay! I contacted her in desperation as the dynamics between our three boys, aged 12, 11 and 9 was grim. They barely listened or respected us, as parents, let alone each other. Our middle son’s temper controlled our household and had started to spill into the school playground. I feared for the future. I had tried many forms of therapy (from homeopathy, food allergy testing, cranial osteopathy) but nothing seemed to shift the imbalance. My eldest son responded within two sessions: youngest -once: our middle son responded cautiously from not talking, covering his head with a blanket, listening and finally sitting next to Jodechi, hugging her tightly at the end of the session as they have all done. Jodechi has been able to make them feel completely safe and somehow allowed them to let go of all their fears and negative energies. It is so exciting to see and feel the changes that have occurred: The boys as individuals look happier, more relaxed, sit and talk and listen. We’ve become a true family and I love it!

Debbie - London, England

Jodechi has a gift in being able to relate to everybody, all ages and especially children. She has helped each of my three boys (aged 12 – 15) in different ways and has established a unique relationship with each of them based on trust, respect and friendship. She has assisted them across a range of issues from nutrition and exercise, to emotional and painful core issues, and psychological disturbances. Changes have started to occur instantly! I can honestly say she has worked miracles for my children. They can’t wait to see her again to tell her of their individual progress!

Linda - Surrey, England