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Begin making positive changes in your life. Start today, possibly?

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I’ve been a life coach now for 15 years and so often over these years, clients have come to me asking for help making positive changes in their lives.

But often it feels just too big because there are so many changes to make. And some are so big and overwhelming, it just feels too much.

What I advise is to start making positive changes in your lives but start small and build confidence in your own ability to be consistent with these changes as many of these will be in place for the rest of your life.

Start small and grow

The big changes can feel too big and they can often put us off entirely of making any changes. Let’s not let that stop us from moving forward.

Start small and grow. Maybe once a week add something new and positive to your life. Or if it feels more comfortable, one a month. Whichever fits your personality and your lifestyle.

We are all busy people. Our lives are busy. I don’t feel that can be a legitimate excuse anymore. Everyone I know is busy so we need to make these changes fit into to our daily lives otherwise we won’t stick with them.

It’s like magic!

I started one yesterday (Monday). I’ve decided that every day for the rest of my life (yes really) I’m going to do a minimum of 15 minutes of gentle stretches. It’s good for my body and really good for my health.

I can commit to that and be consistent with that. I’ve also decided that each Monday morning over the next weeks I’m going to add a positive change to my life. But only what I know I can stick with. I don’t want to set myself up to fail so I will make sure I can commit 100% to these changes

And before I know it my life will be so much healthier and more positive because I actively made the changes to make that happen. It’s like magic!

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