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Listen to your gut instinct- its there to protect you.

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Listen to your gut instinct.

We all have it. The gut instinct. It’s that feeling we get when we meet someone and although they look right, they just don’t feel right to us.

We are picking something up about that person- our inner warning system is on high alert. Listen and trust it. How many times have you ignored that little warning voice- and paid a high price for it?

Now I always trust that gut instinct/ inner voice of mine but I didn’t use to. If someone was introduced to me by a good friend- I would just go along with it even if I had felt a shudder when I first met them.

But EVERY time I didn’t listen to my gut instinct I paid a very high price. Too high. Things didn’t only go wrong- they went really wrong.

Or the times my inner voice would say don’t drive down this road, go another way, but I would be in a hurry, ignore my gut instinct and sure enough the road would be closed or blocked by a fallen tree.

Or someone that I met that was highly referred to me but I wasn’t comfortable with them and pursued that friendship anyway- that relationship would bite me badly.

I have learned the hard way to always listen. Stop and listen. What am I being told? Don’t doubt it or second guess it or try to explain it. Go with it. You will be very happy you did.

Jodechi Morton CBT and Life Coaching